Sledge hammer

This sledge is the weakest sledge hammer, but you can upgrade it, of course.

How to acquire Edit

  • Buy a toilet paper from Wally Mart (2$, 1$ with cheats)
  • Go to The the bar on second street (next to dominick) and go to male toilet
  • Give the toilet paper to the miserable man on the toilet
  • Woala! he will say that he saw this hammer and gave it to you.

How to upgrade Edit

  • Go to The Club (only at night)
  • Proceed to boys' bathroom
  • You will find Einstein's Twin there, talk to him. (160+ INT)
  • If you choose the answer Time, you will get einsteinium.
  • If you choose the answer You're crazy, you will have to fight him. You will get -35 Karma and Einsteinium if you win.
  • After you have einsteinium, head to the Laundromat. (1st island)
  • Talk to 'Recon' Bob Yawlaiter. Give your Einstenium and Weathered sledge to him. you will get the Heavy Sledge.
  • Instead, you can upgrade it to Super Sledge by giving Unobtainium and Weathered sledge. The super sledge is the best sledge (2nd if you have director's cut) in the game.

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