Strength is a Stat in Stick RPG and Stick RPG 2. It is the measure of The Players brute strength and physical force. The more strength you have, the more powerful your attacks will be in battle.

Stick RPGEdit

In Stick RPG, the combat takes place like an RPG rather than in an overhead view. You can unlock four attacks to use as you level up your strength, if you increase at a raisingly rate, decreasingly powerful but costing more AP (Attack Points),


The standard attack, unlocked when you start. Buying the Knife from the Pawn Shop allows you to do more damage with this attack. It takes 1 attack point to use.


This is unlocked after the punch, which lets you jump into the air and quickly kick your opponent in the head a couple of times before returning to the ground. It takes two attack points to use.


This is the third move unlocked. The Player conjures a large fireball that does moderate damage. It takes 3 attack points to use.

Pure EnergyEdit

This is the last attack unlocked, and by far the most deadly. It shoots a massive beam of purified energy at the enemy. Its damage is unpredictable but it usually is very high. This takes 4 attack points to use pure energy.

Stick RPG 2Edit

The Stick RPG 2 Combat system is overhead. There are certain dealers around Paper Thin City that sell you guns to help and aid you in battle.Once you activate a battle (not gym battles) You have weapon slots at the bottom. There are only 6 slots at the bottom to fill up. Kill all enemies and you get a reward(key to Mobster HQ or etc.). Gym battles are different, you may only use your fist but nothing else. The Chainsaw club in the Director's cut is similar in that you only get to use a chainsaw.