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Stick RPG is a fun, fiction RPG game where you can survive by drug dealing, bar fights, or bank robberies. When you start the game you are given three choices you can choose from. Those three choices include how long you want your game to last. There is a fourth option that allows you to play for an unlimited amount of time. At the top of your screen there is a clock showing what time it is. Almost everything you do takes up time. With the $100 you start with you can go to the corner store (a yellow building with graffiti on the side) and buy a pack of smokes (see image below). Then go to the open grass area where the light, blue stick man is, and click on him. A window will appear with text explaining that the Smokes Guy wants some smokes. Click "Give Smokes," and he will give you a skateboard. To use the skateboard hold shift while walking with the w, a, s, d, or arrow keys.

Stick corner store

Step 1

Stick smokes
Stick smokes guy
Stick RPG

Stick RPG

Stick RPG Complete

Stick RPG 2

Step 2

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