Stick rpg

Where the player first assumes the role of the main character in Stick RPG Complete

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The storyline of the game revolves around the main character, and his arrival in the 2D World. After falling in what seems like a dream, tho find himself on the streets of a 2D World, at which point the player assumes the role of the main character, and creates the rest of the storyline for themselves.

The remainder of the storyline of the first game is not revealed until later through the release of Stick RPG 2, where the intro of the game briefly details the events that have unfolded since the series began, stating:

"It seems like eons ago - that afternoon in which you lazily drifted off, awakening only to become aware of your new existence in an unfamiliar dimension. 7 years have passed since that day. The last thing you can remember is falling asleep in your castle, ruler of the 2-Dimensional world. You wonder where you are this limbo? You feel weightless, bodiless, drifing gently through the ether. You reason that it must have all been a dream...or a dream within a dream...about a dream? But...where are you now? Has it really been 7 years since you entered that strange dimension? Once again you feel perceptions warp and twist as time and space bend before your very eyes. Suddenly, a familiar sensation rushes to your are falling."


The game is played through the main character, who has woken up in the 2D World somehow. You are able to walk up, down, left, and right, to navigate your way through the small world that makes up the game. The main points of interest include raising stats, earning job titles, and working at jobs.

Similar to most RPG's, Stick RPG Complete utilizes the concept of character development and interaction with the surroundings. The game can be set on four difficulty settings, which are:

  • 15 days (hard)
  • 40 days (medium)
  • 100 days (easy)
  • Unlimited (easiest)

Though the game can be played however the player so desires, what has been viewed as the main goal of the game is to achieve and aquire all that is possible. This mainly pertains to:

  • Attaining the title of Dictator
  • Having the castle as a home
  • Buying all possible furniture and accessories
  • Attaining 999 in Strength, Intelligence, and Charisma
  • Getting the maximum or minimum karma value (100 or -100)
  • Earning over $1,000,000.