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Stick RPG 2 is a sequel to the original classic Stick RPG game created by XGen Studios. The game which fans of the first game waited for seven years. The game got the expansion, called Director's Cut, which can bought off the XGen Studios or platform Steam.


The object of this game is to gain charm, intelligence, and strength, by means of various jobs and tasks that can be performed. The player character can work his way up from a lowly fry cook to anywhere from a King to a Dark Lord. 


After the events of Stick RPG Complete, The Main Character now lives a wealthy life in his castle, being extremly strong, smart and charismatic in the 2nd Dimension. His life has been fuffiling enough after his becoming of either the President or Dictator, but something strange happens, oddly enough the same strange thing that happened seven years ago when he was strangley pulled into the 2nd dimension. This strange event is no longer frightening to the Protaganist, as he is a veteran of it's works, but instead of returning home to the 1st dimension, he is pulled into the 2.5 dimension, a new world to explore. Everything that happens after that, is up to you.

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