Prof ansel

Professor Ansel (right) at U of S, alongside his colleague, Assistant Greg

"Remember, be on the lookout for 4th Dimensional objects. We will need the in order to send you back home."
— Professor Ansel

Professor Ansel is the main antagonist in Stick RPG 2. He collects the three 4th Dimension Objects from the main character, which allow the player to access The Lab and finish the game. Although The Lab is his official home, he spends most of his time at U of S in the classroom.


  • When fighting Professor Ansel, it is good to stay relatively close to him. His weapon is cogent and dynamic, but it was made for long-range. Thus, if the player is attacking him at a close range, Ansel won't be able to attack you


Upon neutralizing Ansel, the protagonist can then choose a portal to jump through; the center returns to the main menu, the right re-imports the character into a new game (with all stats but no items, no career, and no karma; this might be a good choice for the "Speed Run" achievement), and the left portal starts a game of Stick RPG 1 as if played through a barely-working archaic television screen.

It has been confirmed that in the next update of Stick RPG 2 at least one alternate ending will be added - but it will be on the upcoming Fifth Island.