Skate job

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Pro skater

The Pro Skater job is available at Skate or Cry in Stick RPG 2. You must have worked 3 times after your previous promotion and have the required charm to advance.  NOTE: There is a method where you can save the game when you get a promotion, quit, reopen the game, and if you have the stats, you will be able to get the promotion without working. This method works with all jobs.

Finding a skateboardEdit

Across the street from the 11-Seven (3rd Island) is a Skater Punk who will give you a Custom Skateboard in exchange for an XXX Video, you can buy one for $15 from the XXX shop (1st Island along the left side) as long as you have first purchased an ID card. If you're lazy and have money you can buy a Skateboard from Skate or Cry for $325.

Job positionEdit

  • Mongo Man - $14/3h (Requires 40 Charm and a Skateboard)
  • Longboarder - $17/3h (Requires 67 Charm)
  • Ollie Cat - $21/3h (Requires 91 Charm)
  • Rail Buster - $26/3h (Requires 124 Charm)
  • Vert Skater - $33/3h (Requires 155 Charm)
  • Sick Trickster - $39/3h (Requires 190 Charm)
  • Grind God - $51/3h (Requires 245 Charm)
  • Duke of the Deck - $66/3h (Requires 279 Charm)
  • Skate Shoe Designer -$85/3h (Requires 330 Charm)
  • Legendary Skater - $140/3h (Requires 390 Charm) (Receive Pro Skateboard)

Other events while workingEdit

Rad Bull Sponsorship +$3500

Tried to ollie a parked car With A Hot Chick -8 STR -5 CHA

Placed 1st in the vert competition +$3100 +24 CHA

Hot skater chicks +21 CHA

Tore up the skatepark +12 STR +11 CHA

Breaking down footage +23 INT

Sick new grab trick +9 INT

Skated in no skate zone -4 CHA

720 Japan air +9 STR +14 CHA

Magazine names you boarder of the year +$2300

Fell on your head -12 INT

Broke your board -$500

Spliting your nuts trying to rail -3 CHA 

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