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Pro skater

The Pro Skater job is available at Skate or Cry in Stick RPG 2. You must have worked 3 times after your previous promotion and have the required charm to advance.  NOTE: There is a method where you can save the game when you get a promotion, quit, reopen the game, and if you have the stats, you will be able to get the promotion without working. This method works with all jobs.

Finding a skateboardEdit

Across the street from the 11-Seven (3rd Island) is a Skater Punk who will give you a Custom Skateboard in exchange for an XXX Video, you can buy one for $15 from the sexy fucking porn shop (1st Island along the left side) as long as you have first purchased an ID card. If you're lazy and have money you can buy a Skateboard from Skate or Cry for $325.

Job positionEdit

  • Mongo Man - $14/3h (Requires 40 Charm and a Skateboard)
  • Longboarder - $17/3h (Requires 67 Charm)
  • Ollie Cat - $21/3h (Requires 91 Charm)
  • Rail Buster - $26/3h (Requires 124 Charm)
  • Vert Skater - $33/3h (Requires 155 Charm)
  • Sick Trickster - $39/3h (Requires 190 Charm)
  • Grind God - $51/3h (Requires 245 Charm)
  • Duke of the Deck - $66/3h (Requires 279 Charm)
  • Skate Shoe Designer -$85/3h (Requires 330 Charm)
  • Legendary Skater - $140/3h (Requires 390 Charm) (Receive Pro Skateboard)

Other events while workingEdit

Rad Bull Sponsorship +$3500

Tried to ollie a parked car With A Hot Chick -8 STR -5 CHA

Placed 1st in the vert competition +$3100 +24 CHA

Hot skater chicks +21 CHA

Tore up the skatepark +12 STR +11 CHA

Breaking down footage +23 INT

Sick new grab trick +9 INT

Skated in no skate zone -4 CHA

720 Japan air +9 STR +14 CHA

Magazine names you boarder of the year +$2300

Fell on your head -12 INT

Broke your board -$500

Spliting your nuts trying to rail -3 CHA