Missions:1(Find Coca and Give it Tho the Cop Whit A "Shield And Sword" Icon That wil start Mission(Recomended:At least have A "Handgun"Or"Ornamental katana" Get the "Old WareHouse Key" And (In case You don't Notice "Helpfull hank On Mobstertower" You will enter Tho a "Combat Zone" Escape Is enabled In The Old warehouse You will Start See Bandits WHit "Bats" Or "Ornamental Katanas")(Remember:A Combat ZOne Reset WHen happend 7 Days If you beat it every reset is Harder Making ya need better guns)Jobs:1 Police officer:Need 75 Streght and Positive Karma(That Mean no be a Mada***)(Go Talk Whit "Emma"EXREME" Tho have More easy Stregth Veryyy Expensive By the way....)

Well everyone will be Invited Tho Help me WHit This Page I will be Completing it....Gimme Som' tim'(Need mo' Cheddar give it mo' Time-Pro Skater

Promotions(all i remember):(Note:This Is NOT in order( : Chief(Last Promotion):Win a "Combat Shotgun"Nice for Begginers This will STart Making Diference :3 Hostages Interogator:150$(or somethin' Like That

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