The pizza delivery job doesn't pay very well and most of the money you make from it will be from the tips which can make it a very good paying job if you don't have any stats. You receive a promotion after working 10 times after your previous promotion which is much longer than other jobs and the promotions only increase by 1 after tip flipper.

  • Doorbell Dinger (requires 25 Charm, pays $1/2h)
  • Tip Flipper (pays $11/2h)
  • Pie Packer (pays $12/2h)
  • Pepperoni Pilot (pays $13/2h)
  • Deep Dish Dispatcher (pays $14/2h)
  • Hawaiian Hawker (pays $15/2h)
  • Anchovy Express (pays $16/2h)
  • Bearer of Hot Boxes (pays $17/2h)
  • Deluxe Dealer (pays $18/2h)
  • Czar of 'Za (pays $20/2h and you receive a pizza upon promotion)


  • Gangsters roughed you up and took your pizza. -$250, -3 Strength
  • You got a delivery to some gamer convention, but when you got there 'Stickluvr45' never claimed his pizza. Jerk. -$250
  • Young guy, didn’t tip.
  • Sewer person, tip sucked. +$5
  • Old man, tip sucked. +$5
  • Univeristy kids, tip sucked. +$10
  • Student, crappy tip. +$15
  • Hot chick, tip was terrible. +$15
  • Funny looking guy, tip was mediocre. +$20
  • Bartender, tip was so-so. +$20
  • Old lady, okay tip. +$30
  • Game developer, tip was exactly 15% +$37
  • Cop, average tip. +$40
  • Young couple, tip was okay. +$40
  • Teacher, tip was alright. +$50
  • Construction workers, tip was impressive. +$55
  • Semi-Pro athlete, tip was semi-good. +$65
  • Executive after party, tip was good. +$80
  • Drug dealer, tip rocked! +$80
  • Scientists working late, R.I.P. was very nice. +$90
  • Old man, tip was awesome. +$110
  • Mob boss, tip was great! +$120

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