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Paper Thin City

Paper Thin City is the primary setting of Stick RPG 2. The metropolis contains four islands, and a confirmed fifth island in construction. The city itself is rampant in crime and its population is relatively small.

The islandsEdit

Paper Thin City appears to be comprised entirely of islands, which all float improbably above an immense nothingness.

First islandEdit

The first island is the preliminary location for the player. This island is a lower-class suburb that is a recurrent subject to crime, such as pimping, drug dealing, vandalism (graffiti artists), etc. The island is also territory of the Westside Gang.

Third islandEdit

The third island is arguably the most important island as it contains all kinds of important locations including McSticks, The Club, Wallymart and the hospital. The living place on this island is a penthouse at the Penthouse Estates. This is the only island that does not have a fighting zone. The third island is the territory of the Mobsters that are assumed to work under Vinnie.

Fourth islandEdit

The buildings in this island can only be accessed by buying Director's Cut (the extended version of Stick RPG 2). The Fourth island is extremely wealthy and leisurely compared to the poverty-stricken First island. There is very little crime here except for the island being the Sewer People's turf. It should also be noted that almost everything available to buy here is ridiculously priced, and often requires that you have copious amounts of cash at hand. You can buy the mansion from here. You can also win the castle by playing the Castle Quest arcade machine at Benjamin's Club.

Fifth Island Edit

It has been confirmed that a Fifth Island will be added in October 2016. It will branch off of the Second Island where Mike is seen at the Construction Site. A new quest involving Tutorial Ted and the murder case (Director's Cut Only), a requirement to enter the island (in-game requirement, no new DLC or real-life purchases), a new bar called "The Shady Shadow," and a new "spa" which will have special quests for both free and Director's Cut players.


First islandEdit

Second islandEdit

Third islandEdit

Fourth islandEdit

5th island

  • The Shaddy Shadow


  • To open combat zones, you must fight and win battles. However, the enemies you fight will be the same enemies you fight in the combat zone (e.g. Eastside Mob for Mobster Tower, etc.)