Mike (the grey one)

Mike is a construction worker in Stick RPG 2. He offers one brief side quest.


Mike appears on the second island, and appears to be constructing a bridge to a possible new island. If the player interacts with him, Mike will complain about his hunger and how hungry he is. He then asks the player to buy a Grand Slam Burger from McSticks. In exchange, he will give the player a ladder.

The ladder can later be used by the player to help the old woman (near the Mobster Tower) to retrieve her cat from a tree. You will then receive a Trophemon.

Family Edit

Mike is the cousin of Tutorial Ted, the father of Pyro Perry, the grandson of Lee and an unknown woman, the second step-cousin thrice removed from his foster father's uncle Luke, and the brother and admirer of Bill Cosby.He is also the son of some chick.


  • If the player has a Grand Slam Burger but refuses to give it to Mike, he will crudely insult the player stating, "It's an have to do shit like this for people. Dick."

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