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Job Wheel

A depiction of all of the possible jobs to have in Stick RPG 2. The top row contains Positive Jobs, the middle row contain Neutral Jobs, and the bottom row contains Negative Jobs.

The following is a list of jobs that are available in Stick RPG Complete and/or Stick RPG 2 (including director's cut):

Positive JobsEdit

Neutral JobsEdit

Negative JobsEdit



  • Dictator (NOTE: Stick RPG 1)
  • Hacker (Stickbucks [Man on Laptop], 1st Island)
  • Hitman (Vinnie's Bar, 3rd Island)
  • Kitten Exterminator (Near Stickbucks, 1st Island) thats cruel you bum
  • Pimp (Near the Drug Dealer location, 1st Island)
  • bwahahahha Dark Lord (Benjamin's Club, 4th Island, Director's Cut)
  • Escort (Near Jim's Gym, 4th Island) jrdgsnhjwdaiosdbfatjkrjsdh
  • Drug Dealer (1st island) apples

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