To get this job you must have negative karma (karma less than zero) and you must also have 180 strength. Vinnie's pub (Right next to Steel and Hawk, Also next to WallyMart) opens at 4 P.M., so you can work every hour until 1 A.M.!(or until 3:00am after consuming Rad Bull) 

Promotions! Edit

  • Diaper Sniper $90/1h (req. 180 STR)
  • Guerilla Gunner $105/1h (req. 245 STR)
  • Lunatic Liquidator $133/1h (req. 300 STR)
  • Precise Plugger $147/1h (req. 350 STR)
  • Natural Born Killer $172/1h (req. 415 STR)
  • Elite Eliminator $201/1h (req. 470 STR)
  • Mr.Clean $232/1h (req. 555 STR)
  • Ninja Assassin $270/1h (req. 625 STR)
  • Tactical Sniper $310/1h (req. 705 STR)
  • Pro $357/1h (Receive 'Secret Weapon) 810 STR

If you level up all your Strength and Negative Karma, Then try getting promotions he'll give them to you but sometimes you have to do a couple jobs then ask for a promotion because it also needs experience which means you cant get promotions back to back.

Random Events!Edit

The Hitman occupation has many random events based on the Gangster stereotype. Sometimes you get random events and get a bonus, or you lose money or get thrown in jail.

You didn't 'clean up' very well after that last job. You can sit and think about how it all went jail. Jail

You got pinched by an undercover agent. You really can't trust anyone.  Especially... in jail. Jail

Your target had a police escort, but you took the shot anyways... and missed. Looks like your going away for awhile. Jail

You found your target, but he was dead when you got there. Someone beat you to the job. -$3,000, -15 Intelligence

You sent roses to a target's funeral. Whatever helps you sleep at night. -$1,000, +16 Charm

You cleaned out a house full of rival hitmans, No one likes competition. +22 Strength, +12 Intelligence

'Hardcore Hitman' nominated you for 'Best Dressed' this year. Way to look sharp! +22 Charm

You took care of your target, as well as both of his cronies. That's worth a little something extra. +$7,750

You were sent to do an out of town job. It went smoothly -- You even got paid travel expenses! +$12,344

Your 'Assassination Robot Kit' finally came in the mail! [Some assembly required] +26 Intelligence

You whacked two guys in one night -- Now THAT's Productivity. +9,050

You got payed extra for dealing with Vinnie's brother-in-law. Have fun. +21,000

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