Illegal Work

Escort is a job introduced in Stick RPG 2. To be an Escort, the player has to go outside of Jim's Gym on the Director's Cut Island and talk to the man in a pimp hat. The job requires 770 Charm and Negative Karma (your karma must be below zero). Like most jobs, you must work 3 times before getting a promotion and also raise your Charm and Negative Karma stats. The item the player receives for maxing out the Escort job is a Crab (heals 100 HP, the health will only be granted if your current health is below 100, it won't do anything otherwise).

If you need negative Karma you can purchase a fake I.D. from Rudy (the red headed stick who stands next to the 11/7 in the third island. He's usually there at 4-5 P.M. and the fake I.D. gives you -30 Karma each time you buy it. You can also try the Devil Food Cake at Giovanni's Bakery which will instantly lower your Karma by -50 when you consume it.)

Being an escort is great for getting charm and negative karma, but there is a chance to go to jail. (As seen above)

Your Karma must be below zero.

  • Rent Boy ($210/1h)(770 Charm)
  • Brothel Bro ($250/1h)(820 Charm)
  • Fallen Fella ($300/1h)(900 Charm)
  • Handy Hooker ($338/1h)(1040 Charm)
  • Call Dude ($420/1h)(1190 Charm)
  • Man Whore ($520/1h)(1250 Charm)
  • Gentlemen Gigolo ($640/1h)(1390 Charm)
  • Lady Killer ($705/1h)(1520 Charm)
  • Money Stud ($850/1h)(1700 Charm)
  • Super Meat Boy ($999/1h)(1880 Charm)

Random eventsEdit

  • You went to a party and drank your face off. +35 CHA
  • You got a hair-cut. A super awesome one. -$50 +57 CHA
  • A female golf pro was lonely. She paid you to make her unlonely. +$14,000 +22 CHA -30 KMA
  • A cute geek chick hired you to play video games all night. Easy money.  +$3800 +10 CHA
  • You caught a strange disease. Yikes. -15 STR -20 CHA
  • You did some modeling for a local underwear company. +5,500 +41 CHA
  • You set up a new website to increase your umm... sales. +31 INT
  • Your 'he-pimp' ripped you off. -$240
  • A celebrity paid a premium for your services. +$19, 000 -10 KMA +57 CHA
  • A 80 year old billionaire took you out for a night you will never forget. Yuck. +$64,000 -60 KMA
  • A really hot girl took you out. She was gorgeous but still paid for everything. +$2,000 +66 CHA

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