To win the Castle key in Stick RPG 2, you have to win the Castle Game in the Benjamin Club.

The game costs 1000$ per play.


The game is a very simple pixellated adventure that is very reminiscent of old Legend of Zelda games.

You control a yellow box with your arrow keys, and can press the spacebar to attack with your sword.

You possess three hearts with no way to recover lost hearts, so be careful, this game is harder than it looks.

The goal of the game is to obtain the Super Sword, and defeat the "boss", the ghost, which carries the key, after you do so, you must bring the key back to the starting spot without dying in the process. If you die, you must start over. With the map randomly changing each time.


Arrow Enemy - This enemy travels in straight lines horizontally or vertically. It takes two hits to kill with the starting sword, and one hit to kill with the super sword.

Box Enemy - The enemy is slower than the arrows, but it homes in on the player. It takes two hits to kill with the starting sword, and one hit to kill with the super sword.

Ghost (Boss) - This enemy stays in the same room for the entire game. It homes in on the player at a fairly fast pace, and can only be killed by hitting it with the super sword three times. It must noted that the ghost can still be batted away with the starting sword, but not killed.


  • You don't get anything from attacking the lesser foes, avoiding them is usually safer.
  • There is no way to heal, so safety is more important than anything.
  • Since you need to return to the first room, always keep track of where you go.
  • The enemies speed up when you have the key, be careful.

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