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The ATM Asset Menu at Dimension Banks

Assets can be purchased from the Dimension Banks on the third screen near the casino, assets are investments in some of the buildings in the game which you can go and collect money from. When you first purchase the asset you can go collect money from it, however after that you can only collect every 2 weeks or 14 in-game days. The amount you get from the asset is a random amount but it will take a long time to pay off your investment.
  • Ice Cream 32 - $17,500 (Earns $1000-$6000)
  • Skate & Cry - $29,700 (Earns $1000-$8000)
  • Stickbucks -$186,000 (Earns $20,000-$80,000)
  • McSticks - $475,000 (Earns $130,000-$220,000)
  • Casino - $1,790,000 (Earns $100,000-$800,000)
  • Wallymart - $3,800,000 (Earns $60,000-$120,000) -> Not worth it!!

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