The ATM can be found at Dimension Banks, the third island in Stick RPG 2. It has several distinct actions.

  1.    Purchasing Real Estate- The player is allowed to purchase two homes, and the Director's Cut allows a third home to be purchased: the Mansion.
  1.    Purchasing Assets- The player can purchase several businesses from the game world. These include Ice Cream 32, Skate or Cry, Stickbucks, McSticks, and Wally-Mart. Once per week, the player can meet with the manager (marked by coins above his/her head) and collect profits.
  2.   Deposting and Withdrawing- The player can deposit or withdraw funds from their bank account. Every day, a new Interest Percentage will appear. When multiplied to the players bank funds, that amount will be added at the end of each day. Money in the ATM is safe from losses, such as losing a fight. However, money cannot be spent from said bank account; it must be withdrawn first.

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