4th dimension objects

All three 4th Dimension Objects: The 4D Hypercube, the Klein Bottle, and The Mobius Strip

The 4th Dimension Objects are three objects that are only available in Stick RPG 2. The three objects are the 4D Hypercube, the Klein Bottle, and the Mobius Strip. All three objects are essential to the story line, in that all three objects need to be given to Professor Ansel, who will give the player the Lab Key in return. The Lab Key unlocks The Lab, which is where the player completes the game.

There is also a chance of meeting a mysterious man who sells these for 100,000$ each a piece. He is called A Dimensional Drifter. He was seen by the starting Basement to the bottom right and at the end of the road. This page doesn't help you find them tough, so i'll tell you how to get 1 of them, buy three of the "coca" from the guy on the street selling it, and give all of that to the police officer with nothing over his head. Before you get the "coca" he'l have the sword and shield icon above his head. Once you give him all three "coca" he'l give you the Mobius Strip.

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