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Description in BriefEdit

[Profanity Grief removed... was on this line... someone should liek, check the history or something.]

Method 1:Edit


  • 10,000 stick dollars
  • Willing to get bad karma(-25 karma)


  1. Go to the Police department
  2. Speak to the Nigerian Prince  inside the prison cell
  3. Give him the money for bad karma
  4. Pick up the 4D hypercube inside the cell which will have been dropped on the floor

Method 2:Edit


  • 100,000 stick dollars


  1. Find A Dimensional Drifter (from your first house go left down the road to where two roads meet)
  2. You can buy the 4D Hypercube from him,he also sells the other items

Method 3:Edit


- 600 intellligence (presumed to be 200 +,needs comfirmation) Also, I was able to do this at 460 intelligence, so....... get 460 intelligence, I guess. (NOT DIRECTOR'S CUT)  

Just a note here, I had 613 intelligence when I was able to do this, and could not do it before then.  I'm guessing around 600 is the correct number.


  1. Go to the U of S
  2. There should be a guy sitting at the chess table
  3. Play chess against him to get the 4D Hypercube

Method 4:

Requirements: -90 karma

                   450 intelligence

                   30 charm and strength

                  All the trophies


Go to Gangster's hq, kill everyone and you will get the 4d hypercube! Yay!

Facts / TriviaEdit

  • The 4D Hypercube is required to make the best modified flamethrower as well as Solar Matter (which is given by an alien as a thanks for helping him get back to space)
  • The 4D Hypercube hints at the existance of a 4th dimension
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