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Description in BriefEdit

The 4D Hypercube is one of the three 4D items required to obtain the lab key. The others are the Klein Bottle and the Mobius Strip. In order to complete the game you will need to collect all of the
4d hypercube

A caption of the 4D Hypercube.

4D items. You must give Professor Ansel (in University of Stick) all of the 4D items including the Hypercube to complete the game.

How to get the 4D HypercubeEdit

Method 1:Edit

Requirements :

  • 10,000$


  1. Go to the Police department
  2. Speak to the Nigerian Prince inside the prison cell
  3. Give him the 10,000$ for bad karma
  4. He will give you the 4D hypercube

Method 2:Edit


  • 100,000$


  1. Find A Dimensional Drifter (from your first house go left down the road to where two roads meet)
  2. You can buy the 4D Hypercube from him,he also sells the other items (for 100,000$ each including hypercube)

Method 3: Edit

Requirements : Gangster HQ key

Go to Gangster HQ, kill every gangs and you will get a double barrel shotgun you might get a Hypercube if lucky.  

Method 4: Edit


  • 450 intelligence


  1. Go to the university of stick and beat the person playing chess (yellow head guy that playing chess)

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